30th October 2016
Everyone in life has a person, their person. The one they know that no matter what, will always be there for them. The one who knows all your secrets and has been there with you creating most of them. The person who knows you when your happy, sad and everything in between. Ana is my person. My best friend since I was 14 years old, we met working our first after school job at Sizzler. I thought Ana was the coolest person I had ever met, she was loud, fun, knew all the best songs and I desperately wanted to be her friend! Earning myself the nickname 'Shetland' from Ana, because just like a shetland pony I pranced around in heels like I was one of the big people, I knew she was going to keep me, lol.

Ana & Garth met at school and were already madly in love with each other when I met them. Each others first true love, they were always the couple you wanted to be. While they have had their triumphs and their challenges, they have always been each others fiercest protectors.

This past weekend Ana & Garth celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary, which is really a 26 year partnership. I was honoured when Ana told me she wanted to surprise Garth with family photos, as they had never had them done before, and she asked me to take them. I wanted to make sure I captured their gorgeous family as they are - happy, loving, goofy, adoring and FUN!

Ana, I am so blessed to have stood by your side as your Maiden of Honour on your wedding day and to still be by your side today. You and Garth are honestly the best people I have ever met, perfectly imperfect with the most gorgeous souls. You have taught me to love, especially in the hard times, to be loyal to those that matter most, that not only is it ok to be yourself - it should be celebrated, and you taught me how to dance like no ones watching (or is it that no ones watching because of the way I dance?? lol).

Happy Anniversary to you both, I couldn't love you more x